Sunday, March 1, 2009

Valentine's Day Party in ALMA--by Jini

We had the valentine party in ALMA before valentine day.
We brought some foods from the home. ALMA has many countries students. So we could eat many kind of foods as Korean food, Mexican food, Chinese food. It was really various foods. We had a lot of foods, because many people had to bring a lot of foods. The foods looked like delicious.
We set the table and the foods shared together. The foods was really delicious. Everybody liked it. Everybody could have enough. I felt full of stomach. I must have a big paunch.
It was good time, because we could have to use English more than usual. During the party, we had a lot of foods together and we talked about many things as a gossip. We talked about culture, food, shopping... And maribel told me 'Do you go to nightclub tomorrow?' I asked 'I can`t dance. I don`t like nightclub. I have ever been there.' She told 'I will teach you. Try it.' So I had decided. But I had worried about that.
Many people brought a camera. So we could have to take a picture on same position. Maybe I think that we can find same picture in their camera. But I could not bring my camera, because my camera broke after arrived in Vancouver. So I will get the picture from other friends.
Especially I liked to talk with other friend, because I don`t know many people. I had ALMA just for 1 week. So I wanted to make many friends and I wanted to know about the friends. And I must have to make many friends in the day.
Maybe we had the party for 2 hours. But the time was felted short, because the party was funny.
Everyone must have to enjoy the party. I was good time, because I had a lot of foods and I could conversation with many friends.
The party gave pleasure to me. I think that we must have a good time. Actually I don`t like the valentine day, because it`s couple day. So if I don`t have boyfriend, I could be lonely. The party must have to give pleasure to me.

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