Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How to Wash a Car

How to Wash a Car
Keyvan Fatourehchi

Almost every car owner is passionate about their car, or at least knows that they should care about car maintenance .Car washing is an essential step to car maintenance and you should always keep your car clean and make sure it looks clean. Once you know how to wash a car and know how easy it is to keep your car in good shape and you will feel like you have a new car again .
To wash your car ,first you should rinse it with water to get rid of all the dust and mud that’s on the body,(it is very important to rinse it well because the dust and mud might scratch the paint while scrubbing).Next it’s time to scrub your car. You will need a bucket of soap ready, then start scrubbing the sides from right to left and then reverse. after you’ll move to the trunk and the hood which we’ll brush from top to bottom (this is for avoiding any scratches on the paint).
Next, do the same for the wheels except use a different bucket with wheel acid and soap and a special wheel brush. Once you are done scrubbing the wheels its time to rinse all the soap off with a hose. Start the back of the car (trunk) towards the front and then slowly rinse sides and wheels .
This process shouldn’t take more than an hour of your time. So why not take that time on the weekend and get a nice and shiny car that will make you feel better about your car and impress people on the street.

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