Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How to write an essay

Writing is very important when studying English. It's a tool that helps us to express our feelings and our thoughts widely. Also it lets us communicate in English perfectly. There are different kinds of writing such as paragraphs , letters , essays , etc. For example, it's not difficult to write an essay , but we need to organize our thoughts well. The body of a good essay contains three main parts: an introduction , several supporting paragraphs and a conclusion. These are the following steps we take when we want to write an essay.

First of all, we should write the title of the essay. Then, the introduction shouldn't be long. It should only be a few lines to provide background information, to catch the reader's interest and to form the main idea in a thesis statement. We can use different techniques to write the introduction, such as an anecdote or a quotation, ask a question or present facts and general ideas.

After that, we can begin writing the body. It should contain many paragraphs that support your thoughts. In each paragraph, we should explain different ideas by using supporting details, examples or facts. The body will depend on the writer's style. Something we should keep away from is repetition. The best essays don't repeat words or ideas. Instead they use short sentences and adequate information. Therefore, our ideas must be arranged in a logical order.

There are different essay's types. First there is the process essay, which is used to describe the steps of anything, such as the explanation of how to set up weblogs. Second there is the division and classification essay, which is used to depict the article. For example to write about the types of music, we could explain the different categories of music rates. Third there is the comparison and contrast essay. We use this kind of essay to compare between two things or more. For instance, to mention the differences between novels and poets.

Finally, you can write the conclusion. There are several ways to wrap up an essay. You can summarize the main ideas of the essay without repeating the exact vocabulary. Also, you can suggest a solution, make a recommendation or ask questions. It's not necessary to combine all these strategies, we can choose the best according to the essay. By following these steps, your essays will be understandable and well organized for the reader.


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