Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lost in Whistler--by Lulu

I went to Whistler with my ALMA friends one month ago.
It was a very nice and fun experience. First, we separated to two groups to get there. One group went by bus and the other went in Clarence´s car. I traveled by bus with Chio and Mabel. After that, when everybody arrived there, we separated in two groups again. The skiers were in group and the snowboarders were in another. Then I went with Mabel, the Chilean girl, to the store for the stuff to ski. Mean while, the other guys began to come up the mountain. Then, Chio called us by cell phone and told us that they were in the first station waiting for us. Mabel and I couldn´t walk so fast, because the ski stuff was very heavy. We rode in the gondola to come up the mountain but we made a mistake because we came down in the second station and not in the first. This time was our first time in Whistler. We didn´t realize that we were on the top of the mountain! We asked ourselves, “What happened, where is everybody?”. Mabel was very worried and she called by cell phone to Chio and Chio told her that they were in the first station in the beginners area and we just can go down skiing. We were very scared because we didn´t know to ski and with this news we almost wanted to cry. After that, we went to the information station and somebody told us that we could go down the gondola. Then we went down to the beginner area and at the same time Chio and her friends came to the top of the mountain. When Mabel and I arrived at the first station we didn´t see anybody again. At this time we decided to enjoy ourselves and we tried to ski. We had a fun time and we fell down many times too. At the end of the afternoon, we went to the top of the mountain and finally found the guys. We enjoyed dinner together with an amazing view. I liked this experience very much.

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