Friday, February 27, 2009

Why is the Coke Sour? by Peter

When you see the title, you will ask what the problem is! Now I will tell you the story.

I was in university, and we would always buy some drinks ,such as Coke Cola ,Sprite and so on especially in the summer we needed a lot because the weather was very hot ! We often ate the instant noodles with vinegar .The smell was delicious! When you eat it, you will feel happy and use up all the sauce!

Always, we would buy these things together! The vinegar filled the bag so we always put it in a bottle or glass.

But somebody always made a mistake with the bottle of the “Coke”!

When we got out off the class, we went to a room and drank some water. Maybe somebody would take some juice to drink, and somebody would take some water, or some coke!

" Coke? Why is the coke so sour? What is the problem with the coke? " Zhang said and then went to the bathroom.. When he came back ,we were laughing all the time then we told him the truth drank the vinegar .

"The vinegar and the Coke are the same color ! We wanted to make a joke with anyone. haha , you stupid fool ! Oh you drank up all our vinegar .So you must buy another one! We will have noodles in the evening ! Go out to buy some!" After we laughed, he had to buy the "sour coke".

We have to remember this problem! When we want to drink Coke, we must smell first and then drink !

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wingsuit BASE jumping in Baffin Island

If you think learning English is scary, watch this!

Eiffel Tower

Thanks Winnie for this picture!

Valentine's Day

We had a big party on Valentine’s Day!All the students could bring their country’s food to join this party. The school also prepared a lot of food for everyone. That is ALMA’s party life which is very friendly and funny. Besides I will go to different restaurants with other students after school or on the weekend. That is a very fun thing. For example, when we ate SuShi some people had to learn how to use chopsticks. It is interesting to learn about different countries and traditions.

The Gang

Maribel--by Ellen

In my school, there is a Mexican girl named Maribel and a teacher named Brian. One day, she asked me, “do you know what Brian’s address is?” I was confused. Why did she ask me about his address? Did she think that I knew his address? I asked her in reply, “why do you want to know his address?” Did she want to mail him some letters in secret? “I need to send my homework to him,” she said. Suddenly, I knew. “You want to know his e-mail address, not his address, don’t you?” I asked her again. She replied, “yes, I want to know his e-mail address. Could you give it to me?” After that, I didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

Funny Story--by Dyana

During my studying in Alma, I've made good relationships with many students. Most of the time, we have fun together. The funniest story was between Maribel and me. Once Sarah asked me to sit next to her in order to discuss the story "Day of the Butterfly" together. For a long time we didn't share any kind of exercise. I brought my copy and my pencil and sat next to her. It was a good time to do this exercise together. Then the class finished, I talked with Rocio about something for a few seconds and when I looked at the desk suddenly I couldn't find either my copy or my pencil. I looked for them everywhere and asked the students about them but no one had them. Then Rocio said,"Why don't you ask Maribel?". I searched for her and asked her if she took or knew where my copy was. She was shocked and answered that she didn't know anything about my stuff, but anyway she wanted to be more sure so she looked for them in her bag. Fortunately, they were in her bag. All of us laughed because she took them fast without anyone noticing that and besides they were right in front of me when she took them. The thing that I was thinking about after that was "Where is my pencil?". Anyway I didn't want to ask her about it. I felt embarrassed and it wasn't an important thing for me. After one day, Maribel came to me and said in front of the students "Look what I have". The pencil was with her. All of us laughed a lot, because I knew that it would be with her, but I didn't want to ask about it. It was a funny event and we have a phrase now, "Just sit next to Maribel and she'll be able to take your stuff fast".

Top Ten Best Things About ALMA

by Dyana:

1.Small classes: The classes in Alma are warm and good size to have a few students. Actually, this is the most important thing that makes these classes distinguishable.

2.Many different countries: There are different nationalities at Alma. The students are from all around the world, so you can learn a lot about their cultures. In this case, the students will talk about their countries and traditions.

3.Beautiful and encouraging teachers: The teachers are very nice and patient so they are good at dealing with the students. They're educated and they have high degrees.

4.Cookies: The administration offers coffee, tea and cookies for the students. These drinks and snacks give us energy after one hour and a half of the morning class.

5. Good location: The location of Alma is central. It's downtown and a lot of stores, shops and malls are around it. The biggest shopping mall next to Alma. If you want to go to any place, it'll take 15 minutes from Alma to anywhere.

6. Friendly environment: Everyone in Alma is very friendly. The students help each other. The teachers also care about the students if they need any help. Besides, the director is very kind and he's like a big brother to us.

7. Good up-to-date technology: The materials in Alma are modern. They have good methods which help the students to be in contact with everything modern. In the lab, the students learn on computers by using headphones and microphones which ensure that every lesson is interactive.

8. Student activities: The students in Alma are always busy , because they have a lot of activities. On weekends, they go out together and do sightseeing around Vancouver. They also do farewell party for the students who want to go back to their countries.

9. Good prices: Most people can register in this institute. The fees are reasonable according to the materials and the lab.

10. Parties: Alma celebrates with the students on each occasion, for example, Christmas, Halloween and Valentine parties. These parties let the students feel more comfortable and close to each other.

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