Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Funny Story--by Dyana

During my studying in Alma, I've made good relationships with many students. Most of the time, we have fun together. The funniest story was between Maribel and me. Once Sarah asked me to sit next to her in order to discuss the story "Day of the Butterfly" together. For a long time we didn't share any kind of exercise. I brought my copy and my pencil and sat next to her. It was a good time to do this exercise together. Then the class finished, I talked with Rocio about something for a few seconds and when I looked at the desk suddenly I couldn't find either my copy or my pencil. I looked for them everywhere and asked the students about them but no one had them. Then Rocio said,"Why don't you ask Maribel?". I searched for her and asked her if she took or knew where my copy was. She was shocked and answered that she didn't know anything about my stuff, but anyway she wanted to be more sure so she looked for them in her bag. Fortunately, they were in her bag. All of us laughed because she took them fast without anyone noticing that and besides they were right in front of me when she took them. The thing that I was thinking about after that was "Where is my pencil?". Anyway I didn't want to ask her about it. I felt embarrassed and it wasn't an important thing for me. After one day, Maribel came to me and said in front of the students "Look what I have". The pencil was with her. All of us laughed a lot, because I knew that it would be with her, but I didn't want to ask about it. It was a funny event and we have a phrase now, "Just sit next to Maribel and she'll be able to take your stuff fast".

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