Monday, April 20, 2009

The Effects of the Economic Crisis

By Dyana

People all around the world are suffering from the economic crisis. It has been a huge problem and economists have predicted that the world is sinking into recession. There are a variety of causes of this problem. In my opinion, the main reason is that some investors led us to this severe situation be taking loans from financial institutions to fund their businesses. Then, when the financial bubble burst, they weren’t able to pay off their debts. Regardless of who is responsible, now we have a serious problem and it must be resolved. Some of the effects of the economic crisis are unemployment, depression, and the increase in crime.

From economic statistics, we realize that the strongest effect of the economic crisis is unemployment. At first, the problem was limited to a few countries; however, now it’s spreading to reach countries all around the world. Unemployment is considered to be worse for men because they are responsible for themselves and for their families. These circumstances put big pressure on men and make them wonder whether they will be able to feed their children and continue to live at the same level. In addition, economists are worried about the future because they’re expecting job losses to increase in the next few months. Also, because people nowadays are trying to save money, less money is being circulated in the economy, which is making the crisis worse.

Another thing worth talking about during this credit crunch is depression. This condition has increased among different classes of society, depression happens when people are hard on themselves and they feel that they are unable to overcome huge problems. This pressure leads them to become weak and depressed. Recently, we’ve heard about many people who committed suicide because of bankruptcy. Their fears for the future make them think that the sole solution is to run away from their responsibilities. This affects their families badly and is also considered a big problem in the world. Unfortunately, right now people are out of control and they aren’t strong enough to stop themselves from taking such severe actions.

We can also attribute the increase in crime, such as drug smuggling, shoplifting, and fraud to the economic crisis. Everyday we see and hear of hundreds of incidents on TV and in newspapers. These harsh actions plant fears in our hearts, especially after hearing that some gangsters call people at work and threaten to kill them if they don’t give them money. So, people realize that closing their businesses and staying home is better for them. Many other incidents are increasing like kidnapping and blackmail. Nowadays, it’s common to see in some stores people stealing food or drinks. They don’t look like they used to do that before, but the feelings of poverty and starvation are stronger that their beliefs.

We all admit that there is a grim economic situation, which has created an increase in unemployment, depression, and crime. However, some people are optimistic about the future and they expect an improvement in the economic crisis, but it still needs time. The sole solution is for citizens, companies, and governments to cooperate and come together to overcome this crisis.

The Effect of Antibiotic Resistance in People

The Effect of Antibiotic Resistance in People

By Jini
These days, we have many kinds of antibiotics. We have more choices and use them more freely than in the past. The first antibiotic, penicillin, was discovered by a French medical student, Ernest Duchesne, in 1896. When penicillin became widely available during the Second World War, it was a medical miracle, because at the time many soldiers were killed by infectious wounds. Penicillin was assumed to be a good medicine, so it was used far and wide. After that, some bacteria could resist penicillin. The first bacteria to resist penicillin was staphylococcus aurous. This bacteria is common in the human body, so it caused more problems. From that time on, we needed other antibiotics which resisted bacteria and we increased the doses to control infections. Also, many kinds of bacteria became easily resistant to antibiotics. Consequently, resistance to antibiotics spread fast and it caused many problems. There are several effects from the overuse of antibiotics in humans such as, weakened immune system, dose need to be increased, and it becomes more difficult to treat infectious diseases.

Antibiotic resistance can cause immune systems to weaken. When we use antibiotics, they attack bacteria. Medical staff thinks that antibiotics work well and can cure infections, so they keep using them. However, if you use them for a long time, you can create a resistance to antibiotics. If you become resistant, the antibiotics can attack your body, because your body was fighting the bacteria for so long that the immune system might be weak. Finally, they might not work at all anymore and they could cause functional problems in your immune systems.

A second effect of antibiotic resistance is that people need to increase their dose of antibiotics. We use minimal doses of antibiotics at first and they work. However, the effects will disappear gradually if you use them for a long time. Therefore, we need to increase the doses of the antibiotics. Eventually antibiotics might not work anymore. While you use antibiotics, the bacteria can become resistant. Consequently, we need to use different stages of antibiotics to kill bacteria and we might need more than one kind of antibiotic and a higher dose.

Another possible effect of resistance to antibiotics is you develop multiple because antibiotics have similar structures. You can also develop multiple antibiotic resistances. In this case, controlling the infection will be difficult because the bacteria will be resistant to many kinds of antibiotics and your immune system can’t support itself.

These days, many kinds of antibiotic are made to control resistance to antibiotics, but bacteria are stronger than before. People will have serious infections and there is an increased risk of death. Most importantly, we need to use careful when we have infections. We think that antibiotic abuse cause resistance antibiotic. However, we don’t know how we can protect ourselves from them. Actually, we may not protect but we should prevent it. There are several ways to prevent antibiotic resistance. You must avoid antibiotics even if you have an infection. If you don’t have a serious infection, your immune system will treat naturally, and so you just need to eat a balanced diet and rest. Also, you can use naturopathy as alternative medicines. If you use them with direct from medical staff, they can help you improve your health without antibiotics. Also, we need to educate people about antibiotic resistance, so they can avoid it and use antibiotics properly.