Sunday, March 15, 2009

How to Make Fried Chicken by Bruce

These are some steps that show you how to cook fried chicken.

First of all, you need someingredients. Forexample: freshchicken, potatoes, mushrooms, green peppers, red peppers, Chinese onion, wild pepper, ginger, garlic, sugar, salt, cooking wine. After you have all the ingredients,cut the chicken,peppers and potatoes into slices.Then put the oil into the pan.When the oil is hot,put 2-3 scoops sugar into the pan.After that put the wild pepper and ginger into the pan and stew approximately 10 minutes,put the potatoes and mushrooms into the pan,and continue to stew.You should stew it for 10-20 minutes,and stir the food.Later put the pepper into the pan.The best way is if you put a little chicken broth it can be more delicious.
Finally,the fried chicken is accomplished.It is my favorite food,I miss it!


Almost Here

Yesterday Once More (Karaoke) u2

My opinions:

A good video is good for learning. So I suggest some websites, such as or can find some English videos!

For beginners, I think you should choose slow English songs to listen to. Some songs are very slow. You can hear every word the singer sings. It is better for you to listen to the same song again and again. When you can’t hear some words distinctly, you can read the subtitles.

After you have played the songs everyday or maybe 3 months, you can choose some fast-speaking songs and do the same again!

I think a good video with a good singer is good for you to learn because you will be enthusiastic to learn. But when someone gives you a book, I think you will feel too tired to look at these words.

For example, when you watch Friends, I think you will like to watch it because it is so funny. Maybe there are many words you can’t listen to carefully because they speak very fast. You can find a movie with subtitles and learn these words. Don’t hurry. It is difficult for you because you are not really American. You can watch one scene again and again and know what they say. Next you can try to imitate their pronunciation. If you don’t know some words, you can check on the Internet dictionary!

Everyone needs a computer to do anything! Why do we choose videos to learn English? They contain so many interesting things.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How to Wash a Car

How to Wash a Car
Keyvan Fatourehchi

Almost every car owner is passionate about their car, or at least knows that they should care about car maintenance .Car washing is an essential step to car maintenance and you should always keep your car clean and make sure it looks clean. Once you know how to wash a car and know how easy it is to keep your car in good shape and you will feel like you have a new car again .
To wash your car ,first you should rinse it with water to get rid of all the dust and mud that’s on the body,(it is very important to rinse it well because the dust and mud might scratch the paint while scrubbing).Next it’s time to scrub your car. You will need a bucket of soap ready, then start scrubbing the sides from right to left and then reverse. after you’ll move to the trunk and the hood which we’ll brush from top to bottom (this is for avoiding any scratches on the paint).
Next, do the same for the wheels except use a different bucket with wheel acid and soap and a special wheel brush. Once you are done scrubbing the wheels its time to rinse all the soap off with a hose. Start the back of the car (trunk) towards the front and then slowly rinse sides and wheels .
This process shouldn’t take more than an hour of your time. So why not take that time on the weekend and get a nice and shiny car that will make you feel better about your car and impress people on the street.

How to write an essay

Writing is very important when studying English. It's a tool that helps us to express our feelings and our thoughts widely. Also it lets us communicate in English perfectly. There are different kinds of writing such as paragraphs , letters , essays , etc. For example, it's not difficult to write an essay , but we need to organize our thoughts well. The body of a good essay contains three main parts: an introduction , several supporting paragraphs and a conclusion. These are the following steps we take when we want to write an essay.

First of all, we should write the title of the essay. Then, the introduction shouldn't be long. It should only be a few lines to provide background information, to catch the reader's interest and to form the main idea in a thesis statement. We can use different techniques to write the introduction, such as an anecdote or a quotation, ask a question or present facts and general ideas.

After that, we can begin writing the body. It should contain many paragraphs that support your thoughts. In each paragraph, we should explain different ideas by using supporting details, examples or facts. The body will depend on the writer's style. Something we should keep away from is repetition. The best essays don't repeat words or ideas. Instead they use short sentences and adequate information. Therefore, our ideas must be arranged in a logical order.

There are different essay's types. First there is the process essay, which is used to describe the steps of anything, such as the explanation of how to set up weblogs. Second there is the division and classification essay, which is used to depict the article. For example to write about the types of music, we could explain the different categories of music rates. Third there is the comparison and contrast essay. We use this kind of essay to compare between two things or more. For instance, to mention the differences between novels and poets.

Finally, you can write the conclusion. There are several ways to wrap up an essay. You can summarize the main ideas of the essay without repeating the exact vocabulary. Also, you can suggest a solution, make a recommendation or ask questions. It's not necessary to combine all these strategies, we can choose the best according to the essay. By following these steps, your essays will be understandable and well organized for the reader.

Monday, March 9, 2009

How to Make Korean Noodles

How to Make Korean Noodles
Kyung Jin Lee

Have you ever had Korean noodles called ` chapchae’? It is one of the most popular and traditional dishes in Korea. We usually eat chapchae when we have a ceremony like a wedding or birthday. I think that most people will like chapchae, because it is tasty. It is one of foreigner’s favorite dishes. Chapchae is a healthy dish, because it has many healthy ingredients. You can cook it anytime, because the recipe is easy, just follow this procedure.

First of all, you need to prepare the ingredients. You can choose the ingredients according to your tastes like vegetables or meat. We usually use noodles, beef or pork, onions, carrots, mushrooms, spinach, garlic, soy sauce, pepper, sugar and sesame oil. If you want to add other ingredients like sea food you can.

When you have the ingredients you can start cooking. You cook the noodles in boiling water for 10 minutes. When you finish boiling the noodles, rinse them in cold water and cut them into 4-5” length. After cook the vegetables and meat. At the same time, cook the spinach in boiling water for 5 minutes. Then cook the meat and garlic for 3 minutes at medium heat and then cook with vegetables and salt and pepper for 5 minutes.

After that, you need to make the sauce. It is important, because it determines the taste. You need to mix soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil and garlic. A good sauce will be sweet and salty. Then, you need to combine the ingredients. Add the cooked noodles, meat, vegetables, and sauce to sesame oil. Cook for 2 minutes and add some salt or soy sauce.

Finally, serve. If you use a beautiful plate it will be better, because the dish looks more delicious. We have many kinds of noodle dishes, but this one is better than other noodle dishes. Someday you should try it, you will never regret it.

How to Build a Blog

How to Build a Blog JU-HUI,CHEN (Winnie) (09.03.08)

Recently, the most important part of people’s lives is the Internet. You can not only just search for information but you can also shop, talk, watch movies, listen to music and build your own space to share with everybody. Many years ago, people used to write in their diaries with pens on paper and they didn’t want to other people to read them, but now people use weblogs to talk about themselves on the Internet and share them with everyone who wants to read them. If you want to have your own blog, you need to know how to set it up. Then to make it more fun, you can add pictures, videos, and music. Also you can use it in order to introduce yourself to all people around the world. In Taiwan we use a famous blog site called "Wretch"; I will explain how to set up an account.

First, apply for a free membership, enter some information about yourself and you will have your own account and space on the Internet. After, you have to write some basic information and introduce yourself on the user page to let people know about you.

Then, you can post your photos, music, and videos. You can even set up different albums and sort them by yourself. You also have a blog space to write your diary or notes about your life. You can also link this article in your blog to share it for everyone. At last, you can put cool links on your blog and play your favorite album, which is a good way to attract people's attention.

Finally, you have a guestbook page where people can leave messages for you and you can respond after. There is a special function where you can see all the guests who have been on your blog. You can also use a search box to make up the key words so you can find other blogs and build your friend list.

Blogs are very funny and easy to build on the Internet. When you are sad, you can write in your diary and other people will give you suggestions. In Taiwan, we have a lot of bloggers who publish their articles and become famous. For me a blog is not only a space to write something, but also I can share information with my friends. I like blogs! You are welcome to visit my blog and say hello to me! My blog is:

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lost in Whistler--by Lulu

I went to Whistler with my ALMA friends one month ago.
It was a very nice and fun experience. First, we separated to two groups to get there. One group went by bus and the other went in Clarence´s car. I traveled by bus with Chio and Mabel. After that, when everybody arrived there, we separated in two groups again. The skiers were in group and the snowboarders were in another. Then I went with Mabel, the Chilean girl, to the store for the stuff to ski. Mean while, the other guys began to come up the mountain. Then, Chio called us by cell phone and told us that they were in the first station waiting for us. Mabel and I couldn´t walk so fast, because the ski stuff was very heavy. We rode in the gondola to come up the mountain but we made a mistake because we came down in the second station and not in the first. This time was our first time in Whistler. We didn´t realize that we were on the top of the mountain! We asked ourselves, “What happened, where is everybody?”. Mabel was very worried and she called by cell phone to Chio and Chio told her that they were in the first station in the beginners area and we just can go down skiing. We were very scared because we didn´t know to ski and with this news we almost wanted to cry. After that, we went to the information station and somebody told us that we could go down the gondola. Then we went down to the beginner area and at the same time Chio and her friends came to the top of the mountain. When Mabel and I arrived at the first station we didn´t see anybody again. At this time we decided to enjoy ourselves and we tried to ski. We had a fun time and we fell down many times too. At the end of the afternoon, we went to the top of the mountain and finally found the guys. We enjoyed dinner together with an amazing view. I liked this experience very much.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Luck???--by Austin

The story is about me,”Austin”. The matter happened on Pender St. One day after class Casper, Oscar and I went home together.

Casper’s hobby is smoking so we stood on the street. Casper enjoyed his smoke. Oscar and I chatted about something funny.

Suddenly, I felt something hit my head and glasses from the sky. Casper and Oscar stood to laugh. Immediately I knew what hit me.

It was bird-shit. Although I heard people say that there are many birds in Canada, I never thought that I would meet one.

I was very embarrassed because we stood on the street. I ran quickly to ALMA’s washroom while I thought I should buy a lottery ticket.

In Taiwan, if this happens to you, it means you will have luck.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Valentine's Day Party in ALMA--by Jini

We had the valentine party in ALMA before valentine day.
We brought some foods from the home. ALMA has many countries students. So we could eat many kind of foods as Korean food, Mexican food, Chinese food. It was really various foods. We had a lot of foods, because many people had to bring a lot of foods. The foods looked like delicious.
We set the table and the foods shared together. The foods was really delicious. Everybody liked it. Everybody could have enough. I felt full of stomach. I must have a big paunch.
It was good time, because we could have to use English more than usual. During the party, we had a lot of foods together and we talked about many things as a gossip. We talked about culture, food, shopping... And maribel told me 'Do you go to nightclub tomorrow?' I asked 'I can`t dance. I don`t like nightclub. I have ever been there.' She told 'I will teach you. Try it.' So I had decided. But I had worried about that.
Many people brought a camera. So we could have to take a picture on same position. Maybe I think that we can find same picture in their camera. But I could not bring my camera, because my camera broke after arrived in Vancouver. So I will get the picture from other friends.
Especially I liked to talk with other friend, because I don`t know many people. I had ALMA just for 1 week. So I wanted to make many friends and I wanted to know about the friends. And I must have to make many friends in the day.
Maybe we had the party for 2 hours. But the time was felted short, because the party was funny.
Everyone must have to enjoy the party. I was good time, because I had a lot of foods and I could conversation with many friends.
The party gave pleasure to me. I think that we must have a good time. Actually I don`t like the valentine day, because it`s couple day. So if I don`t have boyfriend, I could be lonely. The party must have to give pleasure to me.