Monday, March 9, 2009

How to Build a Blog

How to Build a Blog JU-HUI,CHEN (Winnie) (09.03.08)

Recently, the most important part of people’s lives is the Internet. You can not only just search for information but you can also shop, talk, watch movies, listen to music and build your own space to share with everybody. Many years ago, people used to write in their diaries with pens on paper and they didn’t want to other people to read them, but now people use weblogs to talk about themselves on the Internet and share them with everyone who wants to read them. If you want to have your own blog, you need to know how to set it up. Then to make it more fun, you can add pictures, videos, and music. Also you can use it in order to introduce yourself to all people around the world. In Taiwan we use a famous blog site called "Wretch"; I will explain how to set up an account.

First, apply for a free membership, enter some information about yourself and you will have your own account and space on the Internet. After, you have to write some basic information and introduce yourself on the user page to let people know about you.

Then, you can post your photos, music, and videos. You can even set up different albums and sort them by yourself. You also have a blog space to write your diary or notes about your life. You can also link this article in your blog to share it for everyone. At last, you can put cool links on your blog and play your favorite album, which is a good way to attract people's attention.

Finally, you have a guestbook page where people can leave messages for you and you can respond after. There is a special function where you can see all the guests who have been on your blog. You can also use a search box to make up the key words so you can find other blogs and build your friend list.

Blogs are very funny and easy to build on the Internet. When you are sad, you can write in your diary and other people will give you suggestions. In Taiwan, we have a lot of bloggers who publish their articles and become famous. For me a blog is not only a space to write something, but also I can share information with my friends. I like blogs! You are welcome to visit my blog and say hello to me! My blog is:

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