Friday, February 27, 2009

Why is the Coke Sour? by Peter

When you see the title, you will ask what the problem is! Now I will tell you the story.

I was in university, and we would always buy some drinks ,such as Coke Cola ,Sprite and so on especially in the summer we needed a lot because the weather was very hot ! We often ate the instant noodles with vinegar .The smell was delicious! When you eat it, you will feel happy and use up all the sauce!

Always, we would buy these things together! The vinegar filled the bag so we always put it in a bottle or glass.

But somebody always made a mistake with the bottle of the “Coke”!

When we got out off the class, we went to a room and drank some water. Maybe somebody would take some juice to drink, and somebody would take some water, or some coke!

" Coke? Why is the coke so sour? What is the problem with the coke? " Zhang said and then went to the bathroom.. When he came back ,we were laughing all the time then we told him the truth drank the vinegar .

"The vinegar and the Coke are the same color ! We wanted to make a joke with anyone. haha , you stupid fool ! Oh you drank up all our vinegar .So you must buy another one! We will have noodles in the evening ! Go out to buy some!" After we laughed, he had to buy the "sour coke".

We have to remember this problem! When we want to drink Coke, we must smell first and then drink !

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