Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Top Ten Best Things About ALMA

by Dyana:

1.Small classes: The classes in Alma are warm and good size to have a few students. Actually, this is the most important thing that makes these classes distinguishable.

2.Many different countries: There are different nationalities at Alma. The students are from all around the world, so you can learn a lot about their cultures. In this case, the students will talk about their countries and traditions.

3.Beautiful and encouraging teachers: The teachers are very nice and patient so they are good at dealing with the students. They're educated and they have high degrees.

4.Cookies: The administration offers coffee, tea and cookies for the students. These drinks and snacks give us energy after one hour and a half of the morning class.

5. Good location: The location of Alma is central. It's downtown and a lot of stores, shops and malls are around it. The biggest shopping mall next to Alma. If you want to go to any place, it'll take 15 minutes from Alma to anywhere.

6. Friendly environment: Everyone in Alma is very friendly. The students help each other. The teachers also care about the students if they need any help. Besides, the director is very kind and he's like a big brother to us.

7. Good up-to-date technology: The materials in Alma are modern. They have good methods which help the students to be in contact with everything modern. In the lab, the students learn on computers by using headphones and microphones which ensure that every lesson is interactive.

8. Student activities: The students in Alma are always busy , because they have a lot of activities. On weekends, they go out together and do sightseeing around Vancouver. They also do farewell party for the students who want to go back to their countries.

9. Good prices: Most people can register in this institute. The fees are reasonable according to the materials and the lab.

10. Parties: Alma celebrates with the students on each occasion, for example, Christmas, Halloween and Valentine parties. These parties let the students feel more comfortable and close to each other.

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