Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ridiculous Life

Redicioulus Life

Fadi is a clever man and his job is related to crime, but nobody knows what he does exactly. His life is busy and a little bit dangerous. One day, he decided to travel around the world to find the best place to live, but his money was robbed when he was eating lunch in a small restaurant near a country town. Although, he didn’t have money, he didn’t want to go back home. He roamed around the country trying to find a way to earn money for traveling. Then, he heard about Nerd, a stingy and greedy farmer, who had a lot of money. Nerd liked to save money rather than spend it on living or helping poor people in need. He kept his money in a secret place in his house. Fadi wanted to steal the money, so he made a plan including every minute detail and put it in practice meticulously.
He went to Nerd’s house and pretended that his car had broken down. After he had made his clothes dirty and oily, he knocked on the door gently.
“Who’s there?” An irritated voice answered.
“Can you open the door?My car is broken and I need some help,” replied Fadi.
“How can I help you?”asked Nerd after he opened the door.
“ Sorry for bothering you , my car has broken down,” he pointed to his car. “See, I can’t fix it,” he showed his dirty hands to Nerd, “And it’s getting dark, I don’t know the city and I don’t know where I can find a mechanic.Is there a garage around?”asked Fadi pitifully.
“It’s too late to find a garage, you have to wait until tomorrow,” replied Nerd.
“Is there a hotel around?” asked Fadi disappointed.
“There is an inn on the other side of town. Take that street and you can see it on the left side ,” Nerd pointed to the street.
Fadi looked in the direction that Nerd showed him, and then looked at the Nerd pleadingly.
“Is there any chance that I could stay at your home until tomorrow morning?” begged Fadi.
Nerd thought for a while. He thought that he could earn some money by renting his room to this gentleman, but he didn’t have any idea about the price of a room at an inn, and he wanted to get the best price.
“Oh, Um….. I’m afraid that there is no place at my home, as you see it’s small and …… .”
“ Ok, I’ll pay for it. Please, I have nowhere to go,” Fadi inturrupted.
“ I’ll give you my golden watch,” he showed Nerd his watch.
“Oh, Ok. I guess I can find room for one night, come in,” said Nerd with a mishievious smile.
Fadi enterd the home and sat in an old armchair and looked around thoroughly.
“May I have a cup of coffee?” Fadi requested politely.
They talked while they drank their coffee.
“What do you do?” Fadi asked.
“I’m a farmer . I have my own farm, and I grow several kinds of fruits and vegetables. Also, I have a small business,” Nerd answered.
Then he asked, “What about you, what do you do?”
“I’m a businessman. Perhaps we can trade together. Anywasy, your home is cozy and your coffee is excellent,” Fadi changed the subject thoughtfully.
“Sure, it’s a good place. I don’t want to spend my money, I prefer saving money rather that spending it,” replied Nerd directly.
“Ok, I see. I’m tired, and I have to wake up early in the morning to fix my car. Can you show me where I can sleep?” asked fadi with a yawn.
“Sure, come with me. This is my own room, you can sleep here until tomorrow and I’ll sleep on the couch,” said Nerd sympathetically.
“That’s very kind of you. Thank you,” Fadi replied.
In the deep of the night, Nerd thought that Fadi was asleep. He wanted to hide the golden watch, so he went to the secret place where he hid his own money. He didn’t realize that someone was silently following him. He looked around carefully for a while, and dug in the backyard. Nerd finished hiding the money, looked around again, and returned to his home. He was convinced that nobody knew the secret place, so he went to bed happily.
Fadi returned to his room quickly when Nerd came back. Fadi waited until Nerd fell asleep. After a while, he dug up the secret place and the stole farmer’s life saving. After bringing the money to his car, he left town quickly before dawn.

The moral idea is that money is for spending, not for saving.

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