Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lifestyle--by Leo

I do several things to stay healthy and keep fit.

What I do is get enough time to sleep every night, but I have only got six to seven hours of sleep each night recently, so I should get two more hours.

Sometimes I ride a bicycle for exercise with Wendy. But I usually work overtime so I can't get exercise every day. I also take enough vitamins in fruit, and the most important thing is to eat fresh food.

Most importantly, I always keep relaxed. That will make me do things more easily.

Week days

During the week, my days are very boring. I wake up at 7:00 every morning. First I cok eggs at 7:20 and cooke toast 20 minutes later. Usually I brush my teeth at 7:35 and finish breakfast at 7:40. Then I go to take the skytrain at 7:50.

When I reach the skytrain, it is almost 8:10, and it tkes me 40 minutes to get to ALMA. At 4:00 PM we are dismissed from class and I come back home to cook dinner. Then I finish homework at 10:30. I usually take a shower after that. When I go to bad. It's 11:00.

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