Sunday, May 31, 2009

Open Land - A Beach Clease To My House--by Leo

There was a bay which was 6 kilometers long, close to my house. I could go for a long walk along it. The end of the beach was full of "Star Sand". It had been weathered from shells; If you saw the beach, is was very beautiful. Each grain of sand are like a small star.People camped there, had barbecues there, and swam there. Although the town passed a low to protect the beach., still people took away star sand bag by bag.

Constructionworks and the local goverment worked together. The goverment allowed them to build hotels on the center og beach, more people took sand away, and the hotels polluted the ocean. White beaches became dark, and instead of star sand, a lot of garbage was left there; people never traveled there again, so the hotels were all closed. If I go there now, I can't see a white, beautiful beach now.

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