Sunday, May 3, 2009

How Stress Effects People's Lives and how to Deal with it

JU-HUI,CHEN (Winnie) (09.04.21)


Stress is a serious problem which people get from different situations. According to a report, 50 of illnesses in America are caused from stress and the government has to spend lots of money on health insurance and benefits because some people are unable to work. Stress can be caused by changes in lifestyle, because people are busier now than in the past. They are worried about their jobs and money. They also have various responsibilities in their own lives. There are three main effects of stress: people have bad health, they lose their self-confidence, or they become isolated.


Nowadays, people's modern lifestyles are changing so fast. When people work for long a time sometimes they do not eat on time which increases stress. People deal with stress in different and unhealthy, such as eating too much (or not enough), smoking, and not sleeping enough that all effects their health. Also, they become anxious, sad, and apprehensive. According to an ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) report, people who live with stress for a long time can die earlier because of hypertension. Therefore, people should find healthy ways to reduce stress, for example, do exercise, talk with family and friends, or plan a small trip.


Stress not only effects people's health, but it also effects people's self-confidence. When they feel stressed, they think that they can't do anything. For example, when kids learned a new language, they are stressed and their parents are angry with them if they fail. Then, they will lose interest and self-confidence. The best way to help them and to reduce their stress to is to encourage them and they will do better next time. Adults also need to try to reduce stress. They need to find time to relax and calm down. For example, after people finish work, they should listen to music for five minutes in their car before they enter the house. Stress also leads people to become less social and they lose their ability to communicate. For example, some people who are faced with stress don't want to talk with other people and express their thoughts. After that, they are not accustomed to being with people. Therefore, people should notice everyone around them and spend time listening to what is important to them. They can also join community organizations, like stress management where they can share their experiences with each other and find ways to resolve personal problems.

Stress is an invisible disease that can cause all kinds of other illnesses. If people want to have less stress they should eat, sleep and exercise regularly. People should also learn how to plan their work time better. The most important thing they must remember is, "People are not perfect and life is too short". They need to save some time for themselves and their family, and not take their problems with them everywhere. Finally, happiness and health are more important than money and jobs.


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  2. When I've suffered from stress, I didn't know that I'm suffering from it. I had a massive weight loss and eventually seek the help of a doctor.