Monday, May 4, 2009

Kurt and his girlfriends

Kurt is a very famous local police officer. He solved a lot of cases. All the girls want to date him because he is handsome, but there is a person in his heart named Ann. She is an English teacher who works at a high school.
One day after work, Kurt remembered his best friend Bob was going to have a party at his home, Kurt had been invited to his party. Kurt took out his cell phone and called Ann...

“Honey, would you like to go to Bob’s party?” he asked.
“I’d like to go, but I have to work until 8:00pm,”Ann said.
“When you finish work just come meet me there,” he replied.
“Ok, see you later,” Ann said.

When Kurt arrived, people were talking and dancing.
“Hey-yo! It’s so wonderful to see you my brother,” Bob said.
“You too. Who is that beautiful woman?” Kurt asked
“She is my relative, she lived in Russia with her husband, but her husband died last year in an accident. So, she plans to travel all over the world to help forget her sadness. Come on, I’ll introduce her to you.”
“Erin, this is my best friend Kurt,”
“Kurt, this is Erin,” Bob said.
“Nice to meet you,” Kurt said.
“Hi, nice to meet you too,” Erin said.
“I’m going to excuse myself, I have to treat the other guests. Enjoy yourselves,” Bob said.
“Would you like to dance with me?” Kurt asked.
“Of course. Your eyes are so charming, just like my husband’s were,” Erin said.
“Really? Thank you. I’ve never seen a woman as beautiful as you. Can I get you a cup of whisky?”
“Yeah, why not.” Erin said.

Then they sat together and talked. Erin thought that Kurt was a nice gentleman. She remembered her husband, leaned on Kurt’s shoulder and began to cry. After a long time chatting, they looked at each other and then they kissed. Unfortunately, at this moment, Ann came in the room.

“What are you doing?” Ann shouted.
“We are just sitting and talking,” Kurt said.
Then, Erin explained, “Hello, Ann, your boyfriend is so good at listening to me. He is so generous. Do you want to have a drink with us?”

“No, you kissed my boyfriend and fortunately I found you. Would you mind if a person kissed your boyfriend?” she asked.

“I am his girlfriend! If I hadn’t arrived, would you have kissed him for a long time?” Ann said,
“Don’t be angry,” Erin said. “You know I had a bad husband and he died a year ago. I wanted to compare my husband with yours. My husband was a bad man and always drank and fought. Please believe me, nothing happened.”
“Erin, do you know each other?” Bob asked.
“Yeah, we just met.”
“Good, we will have dinner in the kitchen now.” Bob left the room.
While they were having dinner, Ann kept pinching him under the table.

After the party, Ann asked,“Do you like Erin?”
“No,” he replied.
“Why were you kissing her?”
“We just talked and you know her husband has been dead for a year. I think that time she needed a kiss. We were just sitting and chatting. Don’t worry too much. We won’t talk any more.”

“Bad guy, I will never forgive you! I will go to my parents’ home. Don’t call me! I won’t call you! You don’t love me! Get out!”
“Sorry, baby, I was wrong. I will never see her. You are my favourite. I love you more than anyone else.” Then he kneeled down and cried!

“I won’t hurt you. Honey, forgive me. I want you to marry me. Only you are important in my heart! Will you marry me?” he asked Ann and showed her a diamond ring.

She said, “Please give me some time to think.”

Then, he stood up and kissed her for a long time. Her breath stopped and hit his body! A moment later he said, “I LOVE YOU.”
She laughed and said, “I know.”
“That means you agree?”
She nodded her head! He was happy and hugged her! He put the ring to her finger and said ,“ I love you . You are more valuable than any other person in the world!”
Then they were walking in the street and went into their home!

A moment later, Ann said to him, “Baby, I forgive you! But if you do this again, I will kill you!” she warned.

A few days later, Kurt and Erin met secretly on a date. They met at Starbucks occasionally and chatted with each other happily.
At last, Kurt and Ann got married, but Erin and Kurt always had a secret relationship that Ann and Bob didn’t know about!

by Ivan and Bruce

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