Thursday, June 18, 2009

My classmate--By Wendy

My classmate's name is Haya.She is a young woman.She comes from Saudi Arabia.She studies English in ALMA.She is married.She has big black eyes,long wavy brown hair,straight nose,and long eyelashes.
Her skin color is hazel.She tweezes her eyebrows and does her make up every day.She likes to listen to music,go to the movies,cook,and go shopping.She likes to eat Chinese food and Mexican food because she likes spicy food.Sometimes she eats in a restaurrant.She likes spring more than summer.Sometimes she travels to other countries and cities with her husband.She likes to talk about her family and country.Sometimes she is interesting.
Today she is wearing a white shirt,blue jeans,a brown floral design vest,a pink scarf,and white shoes.She sometimes wears perfume and wears rings.She is always wearing a big bag and a scarf.
Haya is a serious person.Sometimes she doesn't talk with friends,but she is very talkative in class.She sharse her opinions in class discussions,but she doesn't communicate with other students.She is usually individualistic,most of the time she works by herself and concentrates on her own business.Sometimes she doesn't have an expression on her face.
Haya always wears a scarf every day.Her scarves have many colors,their colors are pink,black,yellow,and white.They're very long and large,their shapes are rectangular.The pink,yellow,and whites' material are 100% cotton and their designs are plain.The black's material is silk and it's design has many English words,their color is white.The scarfs are very soft,like clothes,but I think the scarf's price is more expensive than clothes.Sometimes better material is more expensive.Usually,they are made in China,Vietnam,and Malaysia.Sometimes the scarves look beautiful,bright,and attractive.I think many women really like it.Maybe some women don't like to wear it in summer.

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